Control of hemoglobin A1c

If you want to glycemic control by diet and exercise without the use of medicine , it is important to point to a target hemoglobin A1c. Hemoglobin A1c is also used as an indicator that , strongly suspected diabetes diabetes survey . Hemoglobin A1c is , are referred to as hemoglobin A1c what glucose is bound to hemoglobin to a role that carries oxygen in red blood cells .


Variation due to diet is greater blood glucose levels , but the red blood cells , you can know the blood sugar condition that the average of 2-3 power month by measuring the hemoglobin A1c life to , so long as 120 days. From this, it is summer in the index to see the therapeutic effect and diagnosis of diabetes patients .


Rather than the display in mg as blood sugar levels , and is expressed as a percentage of hemoglobin A1c case to . That is, the value is determined to what percentage of carbohydrate on whether bound to hemoglobin , hemoglobin A1c value of I also increases to , the higher the blood sugar level in the blood is high .


The risk of retinopathy complications , such as nephropathy , the value of hemoglobin A1c is , jumps sharply from one to nine percent hemoglobin A1c platform is that it is linked well with the risk of complications is known . If Tamotere to A1c6% stand to hemoglobin , and the risk of complications is not almost the same as normal input , also 7 % range , a few percent , the risk will only increase .


In other words , blood glucose level of day-to-day is also important of course , but if you goal is to keep the A1c6% stand hemoglobin to see the blood sugar value of this long-term , the risk of complications is that this is good to not have to worry about most .


Hemoglobin A1c is required inspection of the hospital . Might be a little annoying , but it is going to check with blood sugar , such as measured on a regular basis in order to prevent complications in the future is important .