Spare patients with diabetes and

A chronic disease that is increasing among middle-aged and older, diabetes, has a scary complications. 1997, announced the results of "Diabetes Survey", "strongly suspected diabetes" people about 6.9 million people, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is approximately 13.7 million people if you include the people who "can not deny the possibility of diabetes" , I have estimated more than one W of Japanese people over the age of 40 is, and suffering from diabetes.


Diet also becomes rich, the thing which I want to eat is to enter the hand easily at any time, on the other hand, walking infrastructure be developed has also decreased. In middle-aged and older, the amount that consumes energy unlike a young age has been reduced in particular. Nevertheless, people who eat in the same way as his youth are many.


Obese people also increases instead of food has become rich, pre-diabetes and people who become diabetes I had more.


Strong will to self-regulation

That diabetes can not be off guard is that the symptoms are hard to understand at the beginning of diabetes, various complications come out gradually before I noticed. However, its also possible to send a life that does not change with healthy people and if you have cured with a good understanding of the disease. In the early days, because it is without a care less, there is no any problem in day-to-day activities, to continue the self-regulation of such endeavor a walk or limit your diet, you must have strong will considerably That said.


? Who has a cure been diagnosed with diabetes, a lot of people is interrupted in the middle of the treatment at its discretion as well, probably because there is almost no symptoms. The basic treatment is diet and exercise therapy, but it is reality Some of everyday life, the temptation medical treatment is likely to be disturbeds overflowing.


It has the meaning "to feed the life" and "It is important to note, as is health" and "be to the benefit of the sick, to rest" and curing. It is said that to prevent disease by increasing the power of the body to prevent and scan Bok less physiological, physical and mental, to put the defense force. It would be a little thinking and healthy method to enhance the natural healing power.


QOL (quality of life)

Type of work is also different for each person, and outlook on life is also different. And I have to moderate exercise, even though I know in my head, busy people is to run the abstinence it is not easy. People who through tightly outlook on life and live it up to put up your favorite sweets and liquor is boring, thats a long-cherished ambition to eat as much as I want to eat, if you die it is also not uncommon.


Each of which is a life irreplaceable, you can not medical staff to force, but a person thinks everyone would like to enhance their "quality = quality of life of life (QOL)" the or would not be. Has anyone would not want, humanity of the person is not lost, the QOL worth living. To do so, that for medical treatment and disease, and to identify the right knowledge is the great.