And genetic diabetes

If you have diabetes in the family , Masu re likely to be diabetes is high . However, it is not a thing that always genetic . It is said that the risk of developing diabetes is increased by bad lifestyle overlap in genetic factors . However , it does not you can not risk prevention is the only growing . You can prevention enough just to send a regular lifestyle Exercise of right and moderate diet .


Of diabetes , is considered in the case of type 2 diabetes is insulin -independent , constitutionally predisposed to develop is inherited . In Japan , it is said that more than 90% of diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes .


However , it is not necessarily the ”genetic = onset”, but overeating in addition to genetic factors , gastronomy , unbalanced diet , lack of exercise , obesity as a result , if there is a stress of various other , and more likely to develop diabetes you . Stack of bad habits , is to increase the risk of developing . Lets check the lifestyle of daily Check the following items . It will be improved at an early stage is necessary because the point you hit , the more likely to be diabetic individual if they became diabetic state high blood glucose levels already have followed is high .


  • I would eat full stomach just just
  • I like greasy food
  • Is a hate vegetables
  • Without breakfast, I eat a lot at night
  • Do not exercise
  • 40 hours of sleep time of one week
  • Can not sleep and do not drink liquor
  • Are smoking
  • Diarrhea or constipation slight downside,
  • Gained weight 6 kg or more than 20 generations
  • It is a high blood pressure
  • Sometimes sugar or protein came out with urinalysis
  • Relatives, are stroke, heart disease, diabetes patients
  • You do not have a regular checkup


Diabetes is important to treat early

Lets start treatment as soon as you know with diabetes. If you are diagnosed freshly Some people suffering from diabetes in relatives, in no way is diabetes, both the feeling that! "Or still", the feeling that ” I thought no problem just me” taster seems many.


That he be recognized as a disease might be very painful, but lets start treatment immediately. Diabetes does not heal even if silently. Life ever Whatever, more of life in the future is important. Once you can do how to control blood sugar levels, we are able to enjoy life like oneself.