Control of blood glucose level

If the blood glucose level has been diagnosed with "diabetes" high, the choices there are three major. One is glycemic control with diet and exercise alone. The other is the glycemic control with oral medication in combination. And one other is insulin therapy.


It depends on the situation, but we believe that the "diet and exercise" should address first, in this site. Following, I will continue to introduce specifically its contents.

Difficulty of diet

If that attempt to control blood sugar in the diet and exercise , it is that it has become absolutely necessary as a first step , to change eating too much . Because , it was calories or more consumed leads to an increase in fat cells , as we will first cause of hyperglycemia . However , to say it is easy, but for those who have continued to overeating until now , and this change is not that easy so . Able to change the overeating is the fight against appetite . The symptoms of most of diabetes , I can say with the appetite .


Could you appetite becomes strong to why when it comes to diabetes . Metabolic balance is lost due to the accumulation of fat , insulin resistance is increased , insulin was not used in the blood because so Dabutsuku One . Insulin in the blood because it is an appetite , if there is insulin resistance , appetite is also become much strong . And I fall into a vicious cycle blood glucose levels rise also in eating , secretion of insulin that increase .


First of all you will have a calorie-controlled firm first , unless cut off this vicious cycle . If you reduce the amount of food than ever , I feel strongly hunger at first but you will not feel so much hunger and appetite if even 2-3 weeks.


Feel hungry , I feel hunger center of the brain is stimulated blood sugar level drops , but instead of feel the absolute value of the blood sugar , which seems to feel the difference in height . It has the feeling of hunger blood glucose level drops 60mg Anyone of normal . However , those who are suspected of diabetes because it increases blood glucose level , I feel the hunger in less than 60mg . In other words, because I feel the hunger blood glucose level drops even a little from the high original state , it is necessary to put up 1-2 hours with no ready-to-eat even when hungry feeling as art of the diet . Will there also be if you can overcome the hunger of this first , stomach becomes smaller , perhaps . I will not feel the hunger so afterward .


The first is essential anyway . If you get over the temptation of good appetite first , not very difficult to control calories with a reduced amount of food the rest . Exhilaration comes out a few weeks , and become familiar with a few force month , health state is coming back now to enjoy the feeling of hunger rather .


Fear by drug administration and diabetes

How could you be reversed , when I drank the medicine . There is no pain at first , you may send the diet , such as usual for a while by drinking medicine . It may be eaten Soot belly while longer when the delicious food , but it does the complications is that progresses gradually in the back , the state does not last long . If you do soak a diet and exercise tight insulin injections and dietary restriction is waiting , it might be painful little at first reversed and with the later, will be overcome soon it . Then you can continue to live in with a refreshing feeling after . Lets be able every day to get back to a healthy state .


Anyway , it is important that on the basis of hope that a bright future is waiting , and start with determination . In particular , throw away the idea of ??Shinogeru the time being oral medication , seriously , people , such as those wondering or trying to if you drink the medicine will help you approach from the front to diet and exercise in hope .


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