Diabetes and dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has been considered to be unnecessary efficacy as nutrients not permitted until a decade ago. However, as is effective in the treatment and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, it is also known as the nutrient sixth now.


Japanese, has been engaged in the diet intake of dietary fiber from the old days. There was in-based diet as a staple food, take the potatoes and cereals, to bulimia mushrooms and vegetables, seaweed. However, it is believed by the westernization of diet, is diet a high protein which mainly animal protein is prone to constipation and obesity and the mainstream, and are accelerating the lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol you.


Dietary fiber and blood sugar rise

A material constituting the cell membranes of the plant , the digestive enzymes have of humans , dietary fiber , is that it can not be digested and absorbed . There has the effect of increasing the amount of bowel movements to reduce the time it passes through the stomach and intestines of what I ate , to reduce the energy absorption .


For dietary fiber to prevent obesity , it has a function of suppressing blood glucose levels rise after a meal , it is the material that plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes . Diabetes is a lifestyle disease , lifestyle centered on the food has been heavily involved . It does not make a balanced diet is important , just that if you take may only loosely dietary fiber .


What to drink , including dietary fiber is or there , these are dangerous polydipsia contain a lot of glucose in general . Taking properly from food only, this leads to disease prevention , it becomes the key to good health .


Efficacy of dietary fiber

Effect such as: Is there a dietary fiber.


  • Prevention of obesity: for are low in calories, chew up, it is possible to prevent overeating.
  • There is work to be excreted from the body by taking entwined digestion and absorption Sarezu, waste products in the gut: the prevention of constipation.
  • There is work to take entwined cholesterol: prevention of hypercholesterolemia.
  • It is in the prevention of colon cancer.
  • It is the prevention of hypertension.
  • Has the effect of lowering blood glucose levels.


Food that is high in fiber
Cereal Brown rice, bran, brown bread, wheat germ, rice bran
Potatoes, soy products Natto, tofu, edamame, broad bean sweet potato, taro soy products
Vegetables Burdock leaf, KahoChiya, spring, parsley, of butterbur, broccoli, Mitsuba, Japanese parsley, bean sprouts, dried radish, lily root, dried gourd shavings
Fruit Persimmon, pear, peach, apple
Seaweed Seaweed, Gelidium, seaweed, kelp
Mushrooms Dried shiitake mushrooms includes other generally more
肥満の予防:カロリーが低く、よく?んで食べるため、食べ過ぎを防ぐことができる。 便秘の予防:消化・吸収されず、腸内の老廃物を絡め取って体外に排泄する働きがある。 高コレステロール血症の予防:コレステロールを絡め取る働きがある。 大腸がんの予防になる。 高血圧症の予防になる。 血糖値を低下させる作用がある。