Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes , will continue to progress in stages If you do not do anything special . This means that most of the measures is to improve the lifestyle at the time it was found hemoglobin A1C or high blood sugar is high . And you should try to not allowed to proceed to the h diabetes full-fledged h that requires insulin injections symptoms somehow .


Organ that makes insulin I such a place called hpancreatich when I say it and why , but because it does not make insulin only in a certain part of the pancreas . This is called Langerhans cells , but this part Langerhans cells , I can not be revived in its original form again and will be hung on the use of glass to lose its function once . In other words is there is not to be able to return to a healthy state needs to make an effort so that no loss of insulin secretory function Before that happens . It is a reason to be said is this , diabetes is incurable and if it becomes once .


Please refer below for the cause of insulin is reduced.
Cause of insulin secretion is reduced


The Could you doing what treatment when it is diagnosed with diabetes or hyperglycemia , since the best ? It is to leave I was told not good most blood glucose level is the increase , but because there is no subjective symptoms . Although it is a little worried , but people go to the doctor that it is troublesome also will most likely . However , this is not a good choice in any way.


Diabetes progresses blood glucose levels remained remain higher If you do not also improved what can be allowed to stand as it is thought certain to worry about the mind and guilty little feeling , but it would be somehow well . It would be safe to leave them alone for a while , but in the high blood sugar of considerable when it was discovered then eventually , may be causing a complication The trouble is that more insulin injections , or was already necessary the story is also common .


Currently, people of about 40% , there is a data has not started treatment whatsoever while being pointed out the risk of diabetes . In other words , are many people to stand , but its a disease called diabetes . That effect , we increase the tragedy of diabetes . It is the most effective treatment early detection and early treatment.


Diabetes preventive medicine

The proceeds lists persistently Again diabetes, and has been standing. In fact, it has been pointed out the high blood sugar, is fortunate. By having to deal with ahead of time, it is also possible that not only the high blood sugar, to help health maintenance thereafter.


If improvement firmly hdiet and exerciseh, pancreas function because I undiminished so, want to return to that I easy. The problem is that the case was discovered in high blood sugar more. Additionally, it will be able to control by reviewing the lifestyle if state of insulin secretory capacity is also a slightly. Diabetes is a preventive medicine that can be improved, such as diet.


And it is to be used in combination drug therapy after htreatment with diet and exerciseh diabetes treatment guidelines have been made in general, the blood sugar level still if does not fall. If, however, can not be improved with diet and exercise, is prone to it because it is set in two stages of oral therapy, does not address the serious exercise therapy diet and patients with confidence for some reason.


People think when you left behind the diet and exercise, to become somehow If you take drugs seem to be many, but its not anything in the oral medication tell the truth. Oral medication of some sort (SU agent) will be to accelerate the fatigue of the pancreas to reverse. So really, I think better to thorough patient education hdiet and exercise that is thorough than relying on medicine needsh as that is, to exert an effect on the complication prevention very much.



Also the medical side, only guidance of diet and exercise because you do not take the treatment to take the money, it does not recommend therapy with diet and exercise seriously terribly, you are preparing the medication to refrain then also a problem.


Then, in the current guidelines, we are set to 2 Chikaratsuki about two weeks time to see how in the exercise therapy and diet do not use drugs, but Now it is too short. To becomes the hyperglycemia of chronic, moderate time is taking. So, even to return to the state of health based on it, the longer it will take in its own way.


As long as the secretory capacity of insulin remains, even at high blood sugar to some extent, the risk of complications, but rather, more to address the improvement of lifestyle to ensure carefully that is good does not necessarily imminent.