Symptom of diabetes

 To lose weight to eat , thirst , drink plenty of water ( thirsty in the middle of the night , the water will want without fail every time the toilet ) , Typical symptoms , itching Totsuku should , decreased libido , impotence , genital urinary , there is and fatigue . It is a good idea to think this happens , blood sugar levels quite high state .


Some people continued to live in ignoring these symptoms , consciousness and abnormal vision is lost , diabetes is found for the first time , but too is lack of awareness for this disease . Because a smell is drifting sugar goes out of within the urine , are the days when it was not popular flush toilets , and is said to be ” Than are the people of diabetes,” in Mr. shop Kumitori , people who come to the hospital seems were many but , I no longer now .


In addition, there is also a feeling of wearing of the vulva from ( itch ) , women are found in the gynecological examination . In recent years , the interest in diabetes is also increased , it is detected at an early stage also has more , but reality is those who have left the typical symptoms until there is not a few .
In old age , damage early detection case there is almost no subjective symptoms symptoms even very advanced there are many of late also is one of the problems. Since there are a variety of features even if the symptoms came out , it is recommended that you get tested once by all means .