Diabetes diagnostic criteria

Cause of diabetes, it was found to be related to complications of high blood sugar appears to then have to metabolic abnormalities of glucose only recently. And now, has been an important indicator of a high blood sugar level from the preventive point of view. In, diabetes or will be diagnosed with diabetes from any stage?


There are several ways to do inspection. Is being done in general it is a way to measure the fasting blood glucose levels. Please refer to the figure below.

fasting load test 2hr decision
Blood glucose level 126mg/dl or more 200mg/dl or more Diabetes type
Blood glucose level 110-126mg/dl or more 140-200mg/dl or more Diabetic individual
Blood glucose level 110mg/dl Less than 140mg/dl Normal

 Fasting blood glucose leves is 126mg/dl or more, two hours after the value of 75g glucose tolerance test is 200mg/dl or more, the blood glucose level is one of 200mg/dl or more, more than once in the examination conducted on separate days at any time it is diagnosed with diabetes performance is confirmed. If only one is called the diabetes blood glucose value is more than these criteria.


If you are an intermediate value test fasting, in the test load, it will be a diabetic individual is referred to as the borderline.


The glucose tolerance test, drink the glucose in the fasting state, check the blood glucose level of (30-60 minutes each) a certain period of time. Blood sugar is high, and drink a glucose, insulin is secreted by the B cells of the pancreas. By the insulin action, I examine how blood glucose levels or time-varying. Load test of 75g is generally the amount of glucose to drink.


Diagnosis of diabetes

To perform either of the tests twice written above it at a day at 200 mg or more, at any time blood glucose or glucose tolerance test, blood glucose levels, or 126 milligrams or at twice fasting doctor it is supposed to be diagnosed with "diabetes" may prescribe medicine.


In addition, the examination of one degree, you may be oral medication is prescribed. Blood sugar levels in addition to 126 milligrams or more fasting, it, be one if there throat is dry, get tired easily, and subjective symptoms such as polyuria. Further, even if the material or the case of 6.5% or more, of ketone bodies that remain when the protein is used as the fuel is detected in the urine values HbA1c of (hemoglobin A1c), the oral drug inspection once it is supposed to be may be formulated.