Why become diabetes?

The first place, since the why and "dyslipidemia" and "diabetes" Could you?

Type 2 diabetes, lifestyle-related diseases caused by basically is caused by secretion of insulin is reduced. To begin with insulin has to help to convert the energy in the body cells to absorb glucose from the diet. State of insulin to its important role has been reduceds the diabetes and hyperglycemia.


The action of insulin

I’ll take a look at the work of insulin easily. Glucose is absorbed from the small intestine with a meal, glucose density in the blood increases, it commensurate ivy insulin is secreted from the pancreas. There are various conditions to capture the glucose in the cell. I call the door (glucose transporter) this. You need to open the door by insulin of fat cells and muscle.


This means that insulin secretion is small, it will become the key of the door can not be opened, the door of the cell is closed. Therefore, it means that you do not put in intracellular glucose in the blood, it flows in the blood forever. As a result, we become hyperglycemia.


Cause of insulin secretion is reduced


What happens glucose is no longer taken?

When it comes to high blood sugar glucose is not taken up by the cells, two problems will come out. Glucose is not entering, one is that the muscle can not be used as an energy glucose. As a result, symptoms such as tired easily comes out at first.(Early symptoms of diabetes


Further, triglycerides and glycogen are not made ??in adipocytes accumulate energy, when moving the body, I’ll change the energy by decomposing the muscles and fat and lose weight suddenly comes to diabetes, weight loss, muscle melting you may have symptoms such as comes out.


And Another problem is that the state of hyperglycemia will last longer , glucose in the blood becomes bound to the protein . Then , the form of the protein is distortion , in the glomeruli of the kidney , such cause of complications , amyloid of glycoprotein denatured in a filtration device is attached , this is progress , this is the nephropathy of diabetic . In addition, the glycoprotein by hyperglycemia , atherosclerosis progresses damage to blood vessels .


Arteriosclerosis progresses to thick blood vessel , it is likely to be such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction . Arteriosclerosis progresses to a fine vessel , you will create a retinopathy such as microaneurysms . Complications such as impotence also have happened neuropathy is applied to the flow of blood caused by arteriosclerosis is bad .


Hyperglycemia , are you ready to be referred to as diabetes is the time to induce the complications is the entrance to the diabetes . So why secretion of insulin or would reduce it further and dig down ?(Cause of insulin secretion is reduced)Possibly due to diabetes insulin is reduced out will be higher. You need to know the numeric value, such as blood glucose level with a blood test on a regular basis in order that this does not happen.