Cause of insulin secretion is reduced

People with diabetes, why the amount of secreted insulin or things might decrease as compared to healthy people.


There are different types of diabetes before that, it is called type 1 diabetes, respectively, and type 2 diabetes. The cause is lack of exercise and overeating type 2 diabetes many patients. In other words, you happen because there was no consumption by the movement and nutrition of the minute or more that the body can consume. And first, it will be in the state of chronic excess glucose. There is no subjective symptoms at this time.


Glucose is increased in the blood due to lack of exercise and overeating , it is secreted more insulin but automatically from the pancreas . Continuing such states put chronically , is the only organ that secretes insulin , beta cells of the pancreas is coming to fatigue gradually work too . Actually, to secrete insulin , only a small portion of the book called the beta cell islets of Langerhans of the pancreas among .


This small portion is impoverished by overwork , you will lose insulin secretory capacity and solidified to a glassy . And it does not return to the original again . So , diabetes is is said incurable Once you develop the ” incurable disease” . And , the state of fatigue of this cell is the beta , you are different from person to person. That is the progress of diabetes .


Person is said to be so-called reserve army does not have so much fatigue Langerhans cells . Person of the reserve army is is more important to life and attentively to the cell the beta remaining So . To do this , a review of lifestyle , which is also the basis of the cause is essential .


Problem of insulin resistance body

Also, in addition to lack of exercise and overeating, diabetes recently being a major cause is a thing called insulin resistance. And say what is the insulin resistance, insulin I is normally secreted to some extent from the pancreas, but the state you can not take advantage of it sensitivity to catch the insulin in the cell membrane for some reason is not dull, even if there is insulin is.


In other words, the key hole of the receptor is broken even without problem insulin secretion, but is the door of the cell does not open for. For this reason, it will be in the state of high blood sugar glucose in the blood is not available. In the background of diabetes has increased rapidly in recent years, and such causes also lifestyle other than you have.


The mistaking insulin resistance is increased, insulin is not enough pancreas, secrete more insulin, it is not lead to fatigue of the beta cells pancreas as a result. This increases the fatigue of the pancreas, it will be the trigger of diabetes. Why sensitivity of insulin receptor is either from being dull, but is not supported know that you have a clear. However, it is believed hypertrophy of fat cells by obesity is or not they relate.


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