Effective exercise after dinner

Rewarding comes out you continue to diet and exercise therapy , while the measure hemoglobin A1c, a result of the efforts so visible . In addition , I can also check whether the successful way that made ??his own .


Tips to keep low hemoglobin A1c that is the exercise after dinner . During the day , because it moves the body anyone been working all right , door of GLUT4 is a mechanism that blood sugar is taken without insulin opens , blood sugar I have been taken by itself . However blood glucose level does not decrease one ? Medium When fall asleep as it is not move the body after dinner , the blood sugar level to go up , GLUT4 is not opened.(How the blood glucose level drops in motion.)


The average person does not have any problem because I make an adjustment pancreas to secrete insulin. However, if there is insulin resistance and human pancreas is weak, because insulin is not effective enough, your blood sugar remained ever one? Middle and high.


Blood glucose level from drops to near l00mg about and walk 1 hour 20 minutes after a meal blood glucose levels come up, its good to make it from sleep. Uptake of blood sugar, so will persist for a while, even I have stopped the exercise, blood sugar-lowering effect will continue even while you sleep. This method is recommended for people with insulin resistance in particular. Problem of insulin resistance, could not have been thinking too much, but after a meal it is also become a decisive factor very important exercise after dinner.