Diet preventive medicine

Is not limited to diabetes , lifestyle everyday , lifestyle-related diseases are closely related to eating habits in particular . Even if you know heart disease and obesity , such as hypertension , the need for dietary restrictions , to protect the dietary restrictions is not really easy . The eating , and is also part of the fun of life . Much less , if you want to diet for obesity and diabetes do not have symptoms , continuation of strong will and determination can require significant .


Angina arteriosclerosis develop due to myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction , cerebral hemorrhage , such as arteriosclerotic dementia , is closely related to lifestyle , that it has been called " lifestyle diseases " because that may is known . The more bad living habits , the more develop symptoms of those " risk factors " will be many .


That you change the eating habits from the fact that diabetes can be improved by eliminating the obesity , that there is a deep relation between health and longevity you can see . A method for reducing the risk factors , diet , 's a preventive medicine to prevent the disease . Shall have the right knowledge about nutrition and diet , you will not be able to be essential in order to maintain health .