do walking

How to walk for the purpose of lowering of blood glucose level is 20 to 30 minutes . Blood glucose lowering at the time of the walk will start from around 20 minutes to start . Until before , glucose production occurs muscle glycogen , the liver is decomposed , it is the energy source . The glucose to be consumed during exercise , the 80 performance ? Cent has been covered by glucose production from the liver . And fatty acids by lipolysis is the energy source 20 minutes later .


The exercise common practice , 30 minutes from 30 minutes after a meal , walking to walk at a speed enough to become one minute pulse 120 is a good choice . You have sweaty to walk 15 minutes or more . It is that 1-2 times a day , to do 2-3 times a week or every day this . However, it must change the tone by age , of the body.


People who are taking oral medication , and exercise more than you are instructed , and should I care , you have to worry about a low blood sugar even walking . In order to play in the middle of the night the glycogen that has been consumed , blood glucose is taken into thriving in the liver , it is possible that the occurrence of hypoglycemia in the middle of the night . It is all the more metabolism if become popular after exercise .


To say that there is an effect if you walk after dinner , extra calories by eating too much will not be consumed in about walked . In general , it becomes the consumption of about 300 kcal ( about one and a half hours ) to walk 10,000 steps . In Japanese cuisine , I have taken more than 1000 kcal calories meal banquet at the time for it . Obesity , the difference becomes calories over , it is not good for diabetes course .


In other words, if you want to control blood glucose levels in the exercise , calorie restriction is necessary . Only then , such as walk well on a daily basis , it is important to the life to move the body . It would be good to the goal of 10,000 steps . It would be ideal as well as walking on a daily basis , and perform at least one day a week habit of something aerobic exercise such as swimming . I am facing a fat person , even people with bad knee weight does not become a burden of the knee water walking in the pool .


Given that it is a hyperglycemic state after dinner , increase the value of hemoglobin A1c is , that by, for example, walk addition worth lightly after dinner , and that to bed by lowering the blood glucose level is very important . If you walk about 30 minutes after dinner , the blood sugar level will drop about 100 milligrams from 50 immediately .


And this effect , since lasts a short period, but left the movement , the effect of lowering blood glucose levels will be followed even while you sleep .