With diabetes?

Diabetes, I refers to the condition from which it can not make good use of the glucose, which is also the source of energy in the body. For example, in conjunction with does not work and there is no energy that electric train, you will not be able to activity energy becomes not come even cells and organs in humans. I get the energy to protein activity, which is said to man and the three major nutrients, carbohydrates, lipids from.


Diabetes, refers to the state that are no longer able to take advantage among the body, the energy source of sugar obtained from food of them.


Glucose metabolism

One of the function of the pancreas, there is a role to be used as an energy source glucose. Hormone that is secreted from the pancreas, plays an important role in the process as the energy of the cell, to be able to use the glucose insulin. This means that insulin plays a role of the lubricating oil rotate smoothly, the gear mechanism that carries the glucose to all organs in the body.


This is known as ”glucose metabolism”, a series of the processes described above, but each other associated with various metabolic in the body, the gear I have an impact on each other. It is to elicit an abnormal situation in the body affects the metabolism of the associated proteins and lipids by abnormality occurs in the glucose metabolism.


Diabetes abnormal metabolic

Diabetes , as a result of abnormal metabolism occurs , it is a state in which glucose concentration in the blood is increasing intermittently unable to take advantage of glucose . Because when it comes to diabetes , insulin action is weakened , even while taking in blood glucose that was incorporated in the diet , you will not be imported into the cells of the body glucose , which is also the energy source .


Diabetes , there is almost no symptoms in the early stages . That I think to the extent that it was a little tired is a lot at first . However , symptoms or injury boil force decline and periodontal disease , due to reduced immunity , such as stubborn as the progress comes out .


If you proceed further , you may want to cut the worst cause gangrene and scratches retinopathy is not heal induced complications . In other words diabetes , a disease complications very nasty appears along with the progression .


There is no subjective symptoms at all early stage . However , you can see what else do you lack of diabetes by making a blood test . It’s or a hemoglobin A1C criteria for that one is the blood glucose level there is a reference to diabetes .


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