Early symptoms of diabetes

Blood glucose levels rise , sugar appears in the urine . Diabetes is the " state the finished completely ," This . If improving the lives in the state called and the previous h pre- diabetesh , you can return to a healthy state quickly .


However , because the symptoms do not appear at all in the state of diabetes preliminary way you may find yourself difficult , it can be seen for the first time in response to the blood test at the health diagnosis and local companies are many .


State of high blood glucose level continues While the person is not aware of , symptoms characteristic soon will come appear . Bizarre as is hthirsth , a lot of people to experience , I called hdry mouthh in medical terminology . This is considered to be one of the signs indicating that the action of insulin in the body is missing .


If you take a lot of water thirsty , He attended frequently to the toilet , urine comes out a lot . You will be go to the bathroom get up many times in the middle of the night . And I will go sugar in the body out along with urine . Then , metabolic functions within the body no longer work more and more , and more likely to become tired easily , people who had also been fat and thin . These are phenomena that disease called diabetes are all caused . If you think weight is what has been suddenly reduced diet is going well , in fact, there are cases that were diabetic .


These symptoms are easily overlooked, there may be times when you notice hIf you think well later, there was that kind of thingh he said. It would be considered hthroat if about thirst, not a big dealh said it is hard to have self-awareness abnormal changes that have occurred.


In addition, some people think, even if it feels funny, you do not want to accept that it is a disease stood earlier, escaping from reality. Family you notice a "funny somehow" before the person, please be advised to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Diabetes is a disease known as without initial symptoms as well as "dyslipidemia", and the like. Of course, go to the hospital immediately if there is a symptom that the above routine blood tests also is a way you do not hasten progress. (A result of the standing dyslipidemia )


Belief danger

Some people may have been said to be a diabetes diagnosis in health If I had to leave that I thought to be, just tired work is busy. Languor of the body, is one of the symptoms appearing in diabetes. Is apt to think "stress is because have a lot" and That it is "because of the work", but, in fact, if the diabetes is hidden I not a few. While I thought easily tired and take if rest a little one, tired or becoming seriously, if you or never to get tired easily, please receive the necessary inspection to consult a doctor immediately.


If there is a suspicion of diabetes, I get a referral to a specialist. Why do not you examine the human blood "body weight was reduced 2 kg of a sudden" and, it can be was a high numerical value of hemoglobin A1c that was 10%. Normal value is 4.3 to 5.8, it is considered a diabetes if 6.5 or more.


I can be considered a fairly long period of time, and would have been missed remain high blood sugar who like this. Hemoglobin A1C is a numeric value that reflects the average blood glucose level of 1, 2 Chikaratsuki from past during blood collection. Treatment of diabetes when it begins, and then aim to control blood glucose levels Chobe, yourself hemoglobin A1C is to undergo a blood test at the hospital on a regular basis.


According to the large-scale study of diabetes there, where the hemoglobin A1C has examined the pancreas of people of 8%, the cells that produce insulin seems to have been destroyed 50 percent already. And even at this stage, if the pain and symptoms do not appear at all in the body in many cases, to discover in subjective symptoms diabetes It's very difficult. Early detection of diabetes, making a blood test at a medical exam on a regular basis, is a point of maximum of early treatment.