Balance is important diet of diabetes

When it comes scared at the thought that it might be diabetes , is the thing that can be said to be such as " lowering the blood sugar level " and or " good for diabetes" has been featured in magazines and TV, you have people who try to eat randomly anything . However, it is not as simple as diabetes cured by itself .


For example , honey , olive oil , yogurt is raised a good example, but none is good for health food certainly . However, there is a problem that too many just take these . Result fat and sugar are increased if you do not take a well-balanced with a focus on nutrients contained in the food , in some cases, can lead to obesity , and when she let alone lower the blood glucose level .


Cocoa , peanuts , tofu , also , such as natto , people who are wondering , hI have heard that it is the food good in diabetes , how to eat a lot of ? Whether a good ideah is also and there are many . Because these foods with high calories than expected , there is no problem if the people take Some of the diet in small portions , but you must be careful because the excess calories too take many . Relying on only hgood food in diabetesh simply is a mistake .


Do not underestimate the diabetes

Diabetes is a disease known as there are no early symptoms. Therefore, notice to diabetes, such as test results of the periodic health examination is the majority. It is in response to a medical examination on a regular basis firm, to discover early abnormalities in blood glucose levels is very important. If possible, make sure to receive a medical examination once every six months.


Diabetes is a horrible disease If you look sweet. It is believed that in addition to high blood sugar, high cholesterol, smoking history, obesity and overlap, arteriosclerosis and is progressing, the risk of disease complicated by life-threatening, such as myocardial infarction and stroke also increases. Who called high cholesterol and triglycerides in particular as hdyslipidemiah must be careful because it is easy to induce such as myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis.