Diabetes and high blood sugar

I think when you are diagnosed with diabetes , many people and learn the very shock . But when we Chobe well well , disease name has been commonly used since ancient times as " diabetes" as it refers to the state of end-stage , state hyperglycemia is only found in the inspection , found to be an early you .


Moye , treatment is something to be totally different and of course the difference of early cancer and advanced cancer In terms of cancer . Disease and that , go skinny sugar appears in the urine , to eat much , and that diabetes is diabetes of the original meaning of which it has been used since ancient times .
If contrast , hyperglycemia is only found in the inspection , in or out no sugar in the urine and out , people who can not be said of the original as " diabetes " is also included. In a manner of speaking , before it is referred to as diabetes , its a step-by-step to say , even as " hyperglycemia " , so to speak yet . Such people make up the majority of the 16 million people . Image of diabetes rather than the expected refers to a condition in which insulin secretion was almost stopped from the pancreas . So , before the discovery of insulin was incurable disease . The discovery of insulin , diabetes is no longer a disease surely die . But , still , you have complications , even the administration of insulin , who will nephropathy ~Ya retinopathy does not cut off the back . People who die from myocardial infarction , such as infections and is also a higher proportion of other people .


Also by the improvement of insulin , it is not possible to completely prevent it . So thinking that trying to prevent complications in advance came out . It is believed that measuring the blood glucose level in the blood , and infer before the risk of diabetes , and treatment plant precautions .
So , if you are at the stage of high blood sugar has been found in such tests , earlier called " diabetes" , its a step-by-step to be referred to as " hyperglycemia " , so to speak yet .



 In that case, say what treatment is appropriate or most , it is that it is not allowed to proceed to diabetes Hyperglycemia. It is also the prevention of complications . In the treatment for not progress to diabetes Hyperglycemia, there are important problems in two . One is between the problem of complications .


The complications of diabetes , there nephropathy and retinopathy , and neurosis , it means that you or blindness , to undergo dialysis in the worst case . Gangrene of the foot is also a worry . There is also be a such as myocardial infarction from arteriosclerosis . If you cause complications , quality of life is reduced significantly , sometimes life-threatening .
?In addition , the economic burden will also be substantial . For example , insulin injections three million yen per year , 10 million yen also will take dialysis . In the treatment , you do not need to say that preventing this complication becomes the purpose of the first . Thing of how should I do to do this is the top priority .


?To what extent treatment with oral medication or would have been successful ? There is also a reality that people die from diabetes while receiving the medication is large . Its overlooking the healing in medicine it is seems difficult . The second problem is the problem of the side effects of medicine . In order to prevent complications , must be controlled within a normal range for blood glucose levels higher . It is an oral hypoglycemic agents are used often for that . However , oral drugs for performing the blood glucose control , various side effects entails . Then, just because using the oral medication , it does not mean that you can necessarily prevention complications .
If you are using drugs , you will effect of lowering blood glucose level is often fades , if you do not migrate to the insulin injection . It can not be helped if you do not finish cease , but to a level that requires insulin is not allowed to proceed if possible . I should have thought to say .


Best choice is that live for you do not want to insulin injection while preventing complications for diabetes preliminary person .