Type of diabetes

Diabetes can be classified into the following three greatly depending on the cause.


Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes of developing brought about the absolute lack of insulin by beta cell destruction. I call the latter idiopathic Some not clear that the autoimmunity involved in this.

Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes that occurs brought about a lack of insulin action by insulin secretion and lack of increase in insulin resistance. Diabetes so-called lifestyle-related diseases is due.

Gestational diabetes mellitus

Due to a rare immunological mechanism those genetic abnormalities of beta cells, genetic abnormalities of the field of insulin action, with no secretion disease, due to the chemical and pharmaceutical, due to virus infection, sexually transmitted diseases in genetic climate County other Some with, all of which are rare diabetes.


Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the type (B cells) are destroyed cells that produce insulin in the pancreas that secrete insulin may become impossible. Diabetes of this type, since the insulin may become starved absolute, as the treatment, injection of insulin is essential.


It is said that the development, such as infection (coxsackie virus, adenovirus, rubella virus, etc.) by the virus and the immune abnormality is involved. The onset of a sudden, partly because age of onset is also relatively young, it had also called juvenile-onset diabetes in the old days. Rather than the relationship between obesity and stress, diabetes in children is this type for the most part. Treatment is of course diet and exercise therapy basic, but injection of insulin is required.


Type 2 diabetes

Non-insulin -dependent diabetes , is diabetes that develops in order to insulin but is secreted normally the amount of insulin secreted by the Yutaka臓, or missing , the effect of lowering the blood sugar of insulin is weakened . (


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