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The population of diabetes is increasing rapidly in Japan . Even though diabetes = national disease , it may not be an exaggeration . Diabetes , I refers to the state nutrient called glucose in the blood is a long period high concentration.


So what will the bad when it comes to diabetes ? The biggest problem is complications . It is that there is a possibility of neuropathy such as decreased visual impairment , renal function occurs as a complication , will also attract further myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.


There are several types of diabetes , but it is the type that is said to be the most common type U insulin . Diabetes of this type , it is not uncommon be found after it passes a few years almost no early symptoms is said to be non- dependent diabetes mellitus is characterized . an effort to control the state near normal blood glucose levels , such as combination diet and exercise restrictions , and drug treatment is essential once , there is no possibility to cure when it comes to diabetes . While examined on a regular basis for many years blood glucose levels , you will need a moderate diet and exercise.


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What is diabetes

Why become diabetes

Diabetes association of life

It said what about a disease and diabetes? We commentary is the name of a disease that is often heard but whether sick what specifically.

What modern people, or will a thing The reason why will the diabetes? Cause is clear!




In fact, it does not heal basically if you ended up with diabetes. There is a mechanism to answer a liver it.


Diabetes treatment methods

How to prevent diabetes

Diabetic Featured

There is a level to more severe towards the reserve army also diabetes, you can delay the day-to-day normal life by performing the correct treatment.


Diabetes is a disease that can be prevented by simply changing the lifestyle. Only do moderate exercise and proper diet content in the simplest terms.


In the nutritional management based on the Consumer Agency to "diet foods for home delivery nutrition guidelines", there is a home delivery service that is eating diabetes diet.


Diabetes prevention by reviewing the daily life

Factors that exacerbate diabetes there are many in our daily lives . It is a vending machine in the Machinaka By way of example . Hyperglycemic state by drinking too much of the juice , also referred to as pet bottle syndrome glucose is Tsu contains plenty of soft drinks , I will also trigger such as diabetes coma . Even if there are characters such as ”health beverage” , you must once , to make sure the ingredients. Blood glucose level is high to some extent , subjective symptoms is almost no place is terrible of diabetes . There are a lot of people that reacts quickly to information ” in good diabetes” in search of a cure soon Some of them are swayed by such expensive health food .


On the other hand , I will be threatened ”complications ’ll scary blood sugar value is so high ,” said the doctor . Stress accumulates , I just frustrating . Sometimes it may become depressive stress and fear . Stress , and because it is one of the major factors that disturb the stability of the blood glucose level , support for mental also important. As long as you live in society , it is that to continue regular life is not that easy task .


There may be some slight derailment , but sometimes , medical care will be referred to as ” good ” is also required , as long as it can be on track soon .


Diabetes care guidance that takes into account the life style that diversification is not made ??, the continuation of long-term treatment will flame Kashiku . It is a wish to say and I want you to be aware of the importance of lifestyle many people also alone through the Site . Then, the improvement of lifestyle , you do not need to think so stiff . I can prevent complications from diabetes if you can even start from the easy snacking and exercise , such as reducing the midnight snack .


I hope this site will help you if Re of your health .


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