Regular life

The diet , you must take care to QOL of diabetic patients. That Yo same as an ordinary person , fun food , to go living without trouble whatsoever while feeling pleasure to live is important . Because diabetes is like a companion to Tsuitemawaru life , do not when I do not tamed well .


Try to experiment glycemic control in diet and exercise , there are several points that result . All you need is absolutely first , it is from the neglect of health life , and of returning to regular life . If you are sending an irregular life , the rhythm of the body not only disturbed , I would eat too much sticks to fact . So first , in the morning one day , noon , and decided three meals of the night , lets just taking regular time to 6:00 , respectively , 12:00 , 6:00 and meals .


Calorie calculation because not possible in eating out , and decided to eat at home in the evening and morning , bring will be good lunch for lunch . I think that there is a account of work in various ways anyone . However, it is the job of the health still there , here is a matter of importance.


If you regular life , and exercise habits as well as meals is easy to incorporate Some life . Knowing that time to eat much , and how much exercise , blood glucose levels that you can keep how much , not very difficult to control blood sugar . And , because you should be able to seasoned some width As you become more familiar with , the degree of freedom is becoming increasingly more . If you think you have too little to eat , you have come to be able to also be adjusted by increasing the momentum .(Effective exercise of postprandial)However, it would be good in the sense of grasping the pace, its strictly to do first. And if it does well at the beginning, it will be easier later.


Diet plan is the point to be calorie consumption equally in three meals a day night morning . By taking evenly , reducing the burden regulation of the amount of insulin the pancreas is reduced .


The sheared k, you do not need to eat when you do not want Shokube . Like if you are taking oral medication or insulin injections again , I do not need to be carried out strictly . Insulin secretory capacity if there remains , it is because they are automatically adjusted to some extent .


As another note , morning , by reducing the calorie intake of the day , its a lot of eating dinner in the minute it is not recommended . There are people that are by far the breakfast blood sugar levels in the morning because of the high well . Noon , and take a two night meals calories needed per day , blood sugar levels after meals is easy to increase the amount of one meal because it only increases .


I will be dinner is large , especially , high blood sugar condition in the middle of the night followed . Alcohol also because it is high-calorie , people who are looking forward to the evening drink should always try an appropriate amount . It has also been found good for the body if it is an appropriate amount .(Moderate alcohol consumption increases HDL cholesterol


Because it has worked to some extent in such work during the day, it is easy to burn calories of minutes ate. However, it does not work much after dinner. So, the minute you have to eat dinner, while you sleep can also cause of hyperglycemia. In order to prevent this, it is not too dinner is effective. It is to reduce the caloric content of the dinner which is difficult to be consumed in order to live while consoling the pancreas.