Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the state the action of insulin is deteriorated by the state in which insulin sensitivity of the cells was low. Because if there is insulin resistance, such as the incorporation of liver and skeletal muscle, in the adipose tissue is degraded, it is ready to blood glucose level does not decrease insulin in spite of being secreted.


Why insulin resistance is about what appears, but I have found that the gene and obesity, stress, and smoking is involved.


Vicious cycle of insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is also increased, and the resistance by secreting insulin extra long as the insulin secretory capacity of the pancreas is maintained. However, it will be fat sugar in the blood is stored in the fat cells and secrete large amounts of insulin. You fall into a vicious cycle insulin sensitivity of liver and skeletal muscle decreases and gain weight, insulin resistance is increased further. I called "glucose toxicity" this.


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