Test for glucose in urine

It is a test to determine the concentration of sugar that is contained in the urine and urine sugar test. Immerse the test strip urine collected in a container, to determine a change in the color of the test paper. I call this aptitude test. Also, keep the reservoir urine of the day, the quantitative test to check sugar is that it contains much inside of it, and then carried out when it is usually admitted.


Usually, sugar flooded beyond the threshold of the kidney comes out in the urine glucose level becomes 160mg/dl or more, because there are individual differences for the threshold of the kidney, diabetes is the urine blood glucose level is high Some people do not come out, some people leave the blood sugar level is low.


You do not typically make a diagnosis of diabetes only urine sugar. Determines to match (blood glucose test, oral glucose tolerance test, glycated hemoglobin testing) and other tests. You can also be achieved on its own as a guide portable digital urine glucose meter and urine sugar test paper because it is generally commercially available.


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